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Eek I didn't like...

Ok, I didn't like. Seems mostly cosmetic changes and, some of them, pretty hard to deal with. Did you guys realized they put back the old bulbs blinkers? Actually, it's a little confuse, 'cause when you go to the bike's picture, complete with all the BMW stuffs, the LED ones appear on the bike. Is that because it's optional now? On the other hand: relocate the rear brake fluid reservoir could expose it to the engine heat. The same with the regulator: more exposed to mud, rocks and other stuffs flying up during off roads trips.

How about the beak? In my bike, if I had an accident and damage the beak, I can buy it (only it) to put the bike's front end back together again. If something like this occur with the new model, you should buy an even bigger part, 'cause the "new beak actually goes all the way to the false tank.... Of course, bigger part, more money to spend. In order to "de-beak" it, you would have to use a saw.

All in all, I didn't like because I can't see any application for these mods. Maybe I'm an ignorant.
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