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I opened the clutch up, but didn't reassemble everything. I've decided I'm going to let my BMW shop install the rear main seal so I don't have to buy or borrow the special tool. With everything already opened up, it should take them just a few quick minutes and I'll get it done when I go to pick up the laced wheels.
I can talk to the K-bike but not an Airhead ... but changing the main rear seal is a no brainer operation once you've stripped the bike down to its components, like you have done. I am an aspiring home mechanic such as yourself and found that changing the main rear seal in my 88 K100to be a straight forward job using no more complex tools than a hammer and wooden block. I took my time to drive the seal in straight and make sure that it lay 0.5mm proud of the casting. As I said, maybe the Airhead is a different matter when it comes to the main seal installation, but my guess is that it would be a job well within your capabilities, having seen the excellent work you have accomplished to date.
- Robert
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