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Gee, sorry you punched a hole in the big girl. Glad you got out of there. I thought those trails were for hiking. I think the PCT goes right through there past Fallen Leaf to Donner Pass.

Road racing has been a part of our family too.

#1 son 2004 Loudon:

#2 son 2011 NJMP:

The sport is too dangerous, though. If you want to win you are eventually going to get hurt.

#1 son recently decided to try a little hobby racing at something he's never experienced, so he started training last November and bought his bike for the event last April. The Mexican 1000 finish in Los Cabos:

His Co-rider:

Top results, but rode the last 80 miles with a broked right wrist. Got the truck back to Phoenix and I flew out to drive it home while son flew home to his bone doctor to get plated. Dang!

They should just get dual sport and go touring like their old man...

Keep her coming. Great thread. Diverse thread.
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