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1974 RD350 Crankshaft bearings and seals

This is my first post so I'd like to start off with a hello to everyone. I recently had a friend give me a 1974 RD350. It is bone stock and hasn't been run since 1982 but the bad part is that one of the pistons had a seizure so the previous owner pulled the top end apart then lost interest and now I have 1 jug, 2 heads, no pistons, and bad crank bearings. I have taken the engine out and split the cases apart but I need to know how to pull the bearings and seals off the crank without tearing anything up and what company has the most affordable engine parts. Also, what is the correct way to take the rotor off the crank snout? (p.s. I'm doing this on a tight budget as I recently bought a house.)
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