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No, you misunderstood the Dave F mod. It's not meant for R5s, it's meant for the RDs. It uses primary type needle jets, instead of the RD's bleed type. This is how R5s were originally jetted, so basically, you end up with R5 carbs on your reed valve motor. It just happens that it helps to get rid of the flat spot you get with chambers. You wouldn't necessarily want to do it on a bike with stock pipes. When I got my bike, it had DG pipes, and big mains and pilots, stock needles and needle jets. It ran just like what you're talking about. Good down low, blubbery in the middle, and it screamed above 7k. It was hard to ride, and annoying as hell. Once I did the mod, it was like a whole different bike. I ended up with 25 pilots 169 PO needle jet 5dp7 needles on the middle clip, and 180 mains, down from 220s before the mod. I could ride it slow, moderate, or fast, and it always ran well. Now that I've got the SpecII's, I went up to 35 pilots, leaned out the needle a notch, and went up to 190 mains. Runs great. When I hear people say how great their piped RD runs with un modded carbs, I just think they don't know how much better it can run. I won't keep belaboring this point, but I'm a believer in it.
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