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9 July 2012
Dili, East Timor (Timor Leste)

I'm getting ahead of myself here (and behind in my updates).

We crossed in to East Timor a few days ago. I was really prepared to not like this place but it has been FANTASTIC.
After 3 months in Indonesia is was great just to be in a new country. We celebrated by cutting open a watermelon we brought all the way from Kupang in the West. I can't even think now where we found room to stash it. For some reason it was yellow inside. Dili has a strong UN and NGO (aid agencies) presence. That's means lots of very white girls with very blond hair, western food, and plenty of booze. The first night we (I) overindulged with an entire pizza, a basket of onion rings, a couple drinks, and a loooong hot shower. Apparently there is unlimited hot water here. Like I said, fantastic!

Celebrating the East Timor border crossing in the traditional way, with a smuggled yellow watermelon. :)

REALLY fresh roadside fish in the countryside.

Lovely around Dili

Jesus watches over Dili

This Norwegian guy rode his Royal Enfield all the way from Kathmandu Nepal to East Timor (our reverse route!) with little planning, almost no motorcycle experience, and 0 mechanical skills. I admire that!
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