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I was meant to be sitting my Mod 1 today. However I got a message yesterday saying that it had been cancelled. They'll phone me tomorrow and give me a new date. This is frustrating obviously. Even more so because my CBT is about to run out. If I don't get my test passed before that happens it'll be 100 wasted as I have to sit that again.

The weather here has been truly awful the last couple of weeks. The best weather we've had was today when it only rained twice in the day. I've noticed more bikers out in rain than I do normally. My guess is that they're so fed up of waiting for the sunshine that they're just heading out regardless.

Today wasn't too bad. It was bright and any rain that appeared was light and didn't last long. I decided to use my unexpected day off to visit my dear old granny. The road through to hers is dull though so I was taking the scenic route. And by scenic route I mean I was riding in the opposite direction for 2 hours then heading back.

First stop was Callander. There was a fish jumping about in the river but I wasn't lucky enough to get a photo of it. I wasn't prepared to hang about to get one either.


After Callander but before you reach Loch Lubnaig, sits the Falls of Lenny. It's a waterfall that while not high at all, is pretty powerful. There's a stretch of road that runs along side it that I like to think of as the best 50ft of road in Scotland. You go over a small hill before swooping down to the left once you get over it. It would be an enjoyable enough stretch of road anyway, but the view you get of the waterfalls is fantastic. And for a split second it feels like you're about to fly off the road into the water. I always want to get a photo of it but it'd be quite tricky to get one due to the traffic an whatnot.

Since photos from the road were going to be tricky, I decided to go for a walk along the path that takes you right to the Waterfall. What I didn't know when I set off was that the path was officially shut. What this meant in practice was that the path had not been looked after so I'd be climbing over and under fallen trees. I'd also have to scale a fence. Not easy in biking gear. Fun though.

The barrier on the left hand side of these pictures is about elbow high, to give you an idea of scale.

The path:

I'll need to finish the rest of this tomorrow as I'm heading out the door. It's 20:40 and I thought it was 19:40 haha!. Woops.
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