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At this point all of the bars from the last order have been shipped out to their waiting buyers. Thanks very much for your orders and please post up pics. The prior order individuals should be receiving their bars, save the one AK order that I screwed up and shipped via the wrong method. That's been sorted too.

I now have three orders for the next batch. One more and I can initiate the build and get things rolling. A couple of points here. I was really hoping this would smooth out to a 3 week process, but that's not been the real world experience. Just too many variables in play that I can't control. Rumbux is awesome about jumping in and building bars when they receive my order, frankly before they even get the funds, which I did not expect. But everything from the wire transfers to customs in England can delay the process. Customs in Las Vegas is closed on Thursdays, for example! And last week they moved on Monday to a new building and didn't have phones until Wed. You can't make this shit up!

Anyway, a more realistic time frame is 4-6 weeks from when the order is placed. No one is happy about that, but I want to be up front with everyone about this.

The second topic is price. Shipping is sucking me dry. I'm learning and changing things as I can to reduce that, but I have to raise the prices on the Lower only and oem Upper bars by $25 to make it worth while. The full sets will remain the same. It's the smaller boxes that have proven to be more expensive to ship than I realized.

So, pricing as follows:

Full set of three pieces, lower bash frame w/skid plate and upper frame - $750 with free shipping (no change)

Lower only crash bars w/skid pate - $450 with free shipping

OEM add on bars that replace the upper hoop and add side protection - $325

Light brackets - $45 if ordered alone, $40 if ordered with bars.

Thanks and please ask any questions you may have.

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