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Day 12, part 2

After cooling off for a while, Canyonlands was next. Christina needed a break (from parental overload), so she opted to stay back at the hotel.

We had no idea what to expect from Canyonlands. Note: the next time I do a trip like this, it might make sense to do a little research before we go. We probably could have planned our day excursions a little more intelligently. None the less, it worked out.

Canyonlands is split in three distinct sections, and crossing between sections is difficult, as rivers dissect it. The Colorado and Green rivers both join in the middle of the park, creating a Y. ...thus the three sections.

On this day, we visited the "Island In The Sky" section. The "Needles" and "Maze" sections will have to wait for another trip.

We stopped at the Visitor's Center, got the passport stamped, and then walked across the street to see the first view. The Islands in the Sky portion of Canyonlands, as mentioned above, is between the Green and Colorado rivers - in between the two top halves of Y. As such, it is bordered by canyons (and overlooks).

Probably our favorite stop was "Mesa Arch".

After a short hike... approach Mesa Arch.

The below pics give a good representation of what we experienced as we neared the arch.

I hadn't taken pictures with the forethought of stitching them together, but it worked out anyway.

A funny story...
To those in the know, Mesa Arch must be a classic landmark. We had no clue. (Imagine that ). My Sunday morning routine consists of letting the dogs out, grabbing a cup of coffee or diet soda, then plopping down in an arm-chair with the laptop - while the local news plays on the TV. This morning, as the laptop fired up, the desktop background triggered something in my brain. Damn, that looks familiar. I pulled up my photos from this trip and my suspicions were confirmed. My background (that rotates via a program that came with the computer ) was Mesa Arch. As I type this, the desk top pic has rotated to another scene, and I can't figure out how to plug it into this RR... so you'll just have to take my word for it. ...I just thought that was too cool. What are the odds?

Edit: in the interest of credibility, The desk- top background photo I was referring to cycled back around, and I "print screened" it.

Anyway, after enjoying Mesa Arch we hit other overlooks

Go figure, The Green river actually did look green.

The road below looked like the kind of thing a lot of you guys would enjoy riding.

Me ride this? ...No way Too much the pansy.

Compared to Arches, Canyonlands is very quiet. Very few people where there - which was nice.

As it turned out, Canyonlands was the last National Park we visited on the trip. But it ended up being a nice finale.

After going back to the hotel and cleaning up, we enjoyed a fun dinner at The Moab Brewery...

For some reason I got a kick out of one of their signature beers; it's called "Dead Horse Ale" I liked the Xs on the upside-down horses eyes.

After dinner we walked around town. ...and forgot to take any more pics for the day.

Tomorrow we start the homeward phase of the vacation.

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