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Originally Posted by hillbillypolack View Post
Well, let me ask you a question about functionality. Now that you have the racks in place, is there available access to the seat removal screw? Also, do you have to remove the entire rack to gain access to anything under the seat (should you have issue during a ride etc). I'm asking these functional questions since I'm an industrial designer and function takes precedence over aesthetics with rack systems, and utility products like these. Or the HP2e in general.

I would have thought that asking questions, and humbly inquiring for advice from this group may have been something you'd consider. Instead it's been quite a show on how much you've ordered, how much you've spent on powdercoating or carbon. It's been a project lasting over a year and to be honest I don't see you approaching the important aspects of mechanics to get the bike moving. If it's a sculpture, that's fine. We've been patiently waiting since your initial purchase as to whether you have the ability to get it moving under its own power again.

Just for comparison, I've completed entire running show vehicles for international auto shows in less than six months. Award winning, magazine center spread concepts which have running gear, working doors, lighting, fully trimmed leather seats and polished aluminum exterior brightwork. Yes, it takes a team and crazy delegating and organization, and loads of hard work and humility. There's no question things cost real money, but that's often irrelevant compared to personal effort in the final product.

It's good to see progress in a few areas, but some of us would like to see the mechanicals addressed as well.
Give me your address and I will send you a fruit basket for all the competitions you have entered. Try looking at the overhead picture. There is a big hole over the seat bolt Einstein!
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