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So to continue where I left off.......

I was walking down this forgotten path towards the waterfall. I was sure I had Taken a picture of the walkway but apparently I didn't.

I had to scale a fence to get a decent view of the waterfall. It was awkward as all hell. It wasn't particularly high but the bars on the fence were vertical so I had nothing to get my foot onto and it was wobbly. Plus I'm mega unfit and was wearing my biking gear.

The path on the other side of the gate was dilapidated. It was concrete and had a barrier to stop you falling in but the concrete was completely worn away in places, exposing pipes underneath the walkway. You can see a picture of it that someone else took here. I'm normally quite the goody two shoes so ignoring a 'no entry' and climbing a fence to get to an area that I'm clearly not meant to be in was fun. It felt a bit like being one of those 'urban explorer' type folk. But instead of walking about the deserted ruins of Chernobyl, I was hopping over a fence. A bit of the safety barrier was missing though so I really was risking life and limb here.

I was in two minds about the neglected walkway. On one hand, I was on my own looking at a waterfall that most people I've spoken to have never heard of. People tend to bug me. No group pf people bug me more than tourists and most of the beauty spots in Scotland have plenty of them.. So being by myself was a welcomed change.

On the other hand it's the kind of thing that could be made into a (small) attraction with only a few thousand quid being spent on a replaced safety rail and walkway/viewing platform. It's on the main road anyway so it wouldn't be infringing on the wilderness or anything. Ah well I should probably be happy there's still stuff to discover by oneself less than 50 miles from home.

The waterfall itself isn't all that impressive tbh, though it's certainly the most powerful I've seen in my time on my bike. My first thought was that it'd be cool to go down on a raft or kayak.

The Falls of Leny:

So I hacked and climbed my way back to the bike and continued on my way.

Next stop, as it usually is, was Loch Lubnaig. The lay-bys and carparks were full so I decided to find somewhere to stop where the parking wasn't provided. This turned out to require more effort than I had hoped and I couldn't be bothered with it. So I squeezed myself into a lay-by.

I grabbed a few photos of the loch and the woods around it. I also saw something that I'd never seen before: A Jakey in a Kayak. Kayaking and other watersports are seen as activities for the posh folk. A bit like horse riding. Listening to a guy who sounds like he's crawled out of a Glasgow drug den shouting to his pals on the shore while he paddles away took a bit of getting used to. I didn't take photos of him.

Loch Lubnaig:

Since I'd need to cut across to the East to visit my gran, I took a right at Lochearnhead. The loch had that glass like quality that never fails to impress. There were also 2 fisherman that didn't take their eyes off me the entire time I was by the loch. Either they'd never seen a man on a bike before or they were fishing without a permit. Weirdos.

Loch Earn:

From here I was heading to Alloa to visit my dear old gran. Alloa is a dump. Since I'm not familiar with the roads towards the east side of the country* I missed a few turns and got slightly lost. Rather than consult my map (I have on on my tank bag) I just kept heading down roads that looked promising. Scotland is only wee, so you can't get lost for long and before I knew it I was back on familiar roads and heading to my destination. I think the detour was my subconscious trying to delay my visit to Alloa as long as possible. Thanks, Jimminy Cricket.

* Alloa is further east than my own hometown by zero miles.
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