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77 r100s five speed trans for sale

I just took out a perfectly good 5 speed from my franken/5 and replaced it with a four speed, in a display of my own peculiarity. I want to sell the five speed to fund some other moto needs. It shifts fine, doesn't leak, and does everything it is supposed to do. I got it about ten years ago from an acquaintance who had had it rebuilt about 5K before I bought it from him. I put about 20K on it in that time. It isn't dead quiet, nor was it ever in the time I had it, but it's pretty good. When I change out the gear oil in it, there has never been any chunks or metallic glitter in the oil. I would take $300 plus shipping which would be in the neighborhood of $35.

I also have a /5 front end, and some/5 engine electrics I'd like to get rid of.

Hope to hear from you.
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