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I didn't want to start WWIII over that question. Just curious what Doug's experience was. I know Americans are not like because of what our Commander and Chief does. Simple questions really. I know that the Middle East is a No-No useless you want to end up like those hikers in the News! I am not nieve and I don't think that the World hates us. I also don't think that that question is out of line or stupid. It's a legitimate question. People see American as easy pay days. But I see that I have hit a nerve with a few people, for whatever reason that may be. I am also not saying that only American get robbed or harassed in different countries. America is as bad as anywhere when it comes to foreigners being robbed or harassed for being from the "Wrong Part Of The World" If someone was to ask me, "Hey, Do (insert your nationality here) get picked on in (insert city name here) for being who they are?" If the answer was "Yes" I knew it, I would try to pull the wool over their eyes!! Tell them how it is!
I never met an American that I did not like. (Just sayin')
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