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July 8th, Sunday. Tellico to TN MM 245 just outside of Elkton. I got out of the campground at about 7am, which is good for me. Headed into town for an omelet biscuit from Hardee’s then hit the road. I had been dreading the water crossing which has received a lot of press from ADV. I was concerned about it. Didn’t take long to get to it as it’s at mile mark 6.68. It wasn’t difficult at all as the creek level was low due to lack of rain. I took the V’d out right side, but wouldn’t have had a problem taking it any location. The 1st section of TN is nice gravel and easy. The worst part was keeping an eye out for fallen trees. Only one caused a delay of about 15 minutes, but not a problem with the trusty Sven saw I carry. I LOVE THIS THING!!! The new TN still has a lot of pavement but I’d guess more gravel and some decent twisties.

I was a little bored with the road today, but there were some exciting moments due to external events. I did see two baby fawns and two does on separate encounters. Plus had a close encounter with a buzzard!!! Stupid bird, flew out from the side of the road parallel with me at a low altitude. I was worried about a collision, hit the brakes slowed to about 30mph and braced for a shoulder impact. Strange what things run through your mind at times like this. Luckily the bark buster caught him, didn’t kill him as I saw him flying in the rearview mirror trying to catch me.
Then there were two suicidal dogs one was fast enough to almost take me out, but again I was lucky enough to brake hard and avoid him. I’ll have to get coordinates as this dog is gonna take someone out..he’s quick.
Another interesting event was when pulling to a stop the bike died. SO restarting the bike and it was missing severely….”well that’s odd”…I thought. Strange feeling when you look down on the pavement and see gas pouring on your right boot and pavement!!!! So what the heck could that be. Seems the old girl can’t hold gas in the carb when the float bowl is missing. Sure would be nice to have float bowl leashes on!!!. Someone aught to do that. (LOL) Another slight issue as I failed to mention that it’s been threatening rain, in the form of thunder and a few sprinkles, plus it’s about 5PM and with grey cloud’s it’s getting a little dark and will get worse if it rains!!! Many thoughts go through my mind, one if I can’t find it, how am I going to get to town??? Two, who do I know that has a float bowl to overnight me? Three how will this bike run on ONE cylinder??? Four walk up the road and HOPE to see the bowl.
First thing to do was to find a piece of wire….and tie up the float to keep fuel from flowing out the right side. Fired up the bike and it ran ok for a single. I didn’t want to pull the plug and deal with the spark, but this worked. Next I road up and down the road once and figured it would be better off walking and looking. I assumed that it happened close to the stop sign, but went up the road about 50 feet and walked back…..NO LOVE. I tried again walking in the ditch slowly and got very lucky and found it in the grass about 15 feet before the stop sign where it died.

Only made it just east of Elkton. It was threatening rain and since I hate putting up a tent in the rain. An abandoned house was my home for the night. The back porch will keep the morning dew off the tent. I’ve got enough water for the freeze dried dinner and other cleaning up in general.

Creek Crossing

OH no, can't detour for this..

Sven Saw to the rescue

.and the potneital show stopper, I think a large branch dislocated the clip....

But after some searching.....a very happy moment in my ride....

Then a little later the back porch for my tent setup...

Monday 9th. Tn MM245 to Miss MM115.79- A little cooler today, well maybe I should say not as hot. Camping temps are good after about 12.Good fun today starting about TN MM 300 give or take, more gravel which is turning red which is what one sees in Miss. Made a pretty good pace on the trail and had a good time, way better than the 1st part of TN. Nothing to tricky except a creek crossing which distracted me and had me focused on the creek and not what was just beyond..eyes up!!! SAND TRAP….it was kind of deep and a little rutted, and damp which would have made it easier…but nope not this time, down the old girl went. It was a soft landing though. I could tell you where the sand is, but that would spoil the surprise… wouldn’t it?? I cut off the trail to make the Trace campgrounds. Tried to find the bathroom, which unfortunately was getting a remodel but only at the primitive camp sites, of course. So I went to the other campsite for RV’s and electric/ water to use the shower, but upon arrival the grey clouds and thunder started rolling in. So it was a mad rush back the primative site to pitch the tent. The wind started to blow and clouds getting grayer, but I got it up quickly and guess what??? The rain went around…now isn’t that typical!!

tuesday Morning- did some laundry as I'm on my last change of clean clothes, letting it dry in a mesh bag on the bike. Slow start at right now I'm eating breakfast and doing the RR for you guys. Hope it's not too jumbled as it's hard for these old eyes to read the screen.

Thanks for the offers of help, but not needed for now..........gotta hit the Miss trails, Miss is a fun section, or the old section was this should be more of the same.
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