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Rode my new 2012 Enduro for the first time today! 120 miles of mixed twisties and dirt up to 11,000 ft. All I can say is WOW! This thing handles waaay better than my '08 530 ECX-R. Much more comfortable too!

But a couple concerns...

1) The initial throttle off of idle feels clumsy during short blips. Like it fumbles a little and it seems that larger twists are required for smooth takeoff. I'm used to riding motocross style so little blips are in my nature. Hmmm... ?

2) One time, on Goldcamp (no really)... the thing popped and the FI light came on and it stalled out. Being in the middle of nowhere, I was like, aw shit! But I turned the thing off, waited a couple minutes, re-fired it and it was perfect the rest of the day. WTF? Hmmm... whatever.

3) I plan to get the Euro tail and some small LED turn signals. But for now, I eliminated the fender thingy and tried my luck with some aluminum tape on the lower half of the OEM turn signal to keep it from melting. Holy shit! It worked like a charm! Simple fix I guess.

I am also pleased to report that I got 65 miles out of the very first gallon burned! Pretty respectable I would say, especially at high altitude.

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