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First thing this morning I started to tear into my bike. The parts were expected to arrive between 8-10am, They arrived at 9:30 and i had everything back together by 11am. Most importantly, problem solved

Shot at 2012-07-10

Shot at 2012-07-10

The night before i decided it was a good idea to swap my tires out. The rear went smoothy, but the front ...I've never had so much trouble with a tire... Pinched my heavy duity tube so badly that the patch blew a hole in itself when i set the bead, I decided to trash that tube and use my spare. I then pinched that tube, patched it, procedded to pinch it angain and finnally success, but wait.... I broke the bread on the tire! the next morning after installing the stator i went to a bike shop down the street to pick up a spare tube, he also had dirt tires at a good price so i picked up a new front. mine was sketchy! After hearing my story he ended up installing my tire free of charge

old rear vs new.

Shot at 2012-07-10
I got good at patching tires

Shot at 2012-07-10
Mikes powersports in Lamar CO. Mikes a good guy

Shot at 2012-07-10

Now I'm physicked! New stator and tires! I head back to where i left off of the TAT in Trinidad CO

OH yeah, On the way i basically ran out of gas. I had to tip my bike sideways to get the fuel from the other side of the tank. I managed to make it to a very run down house on the side of the road to see if i could buy some gas. they ended up fetching about half a gallon out back that was in a laundry detergent bottle! They also wouldn't accept any money.

Finally back on the TAT, everything seems to be going great, cursing at 50+ when a mule deer jumps out in front of me and is suddenly stuck on the road with barbed wire on one side and a river bed on the other. The deer suddenly tried to jump through the fence but didn't make. It was bad, we were cruising and i knew she must be in bad shape. I stopped not knowing what to do, she was dead within a minute.

That really sucked, I hate to see a wild animal go out like that.

Continuing on I start to get into some mountains, Wow Colorado is beautiful.

Shot at 2012-07-10

Then an all of a sudden, aww F^^#dge what now!

Tool tube is open again... throttle cable is is binding very badly, I can hear it's frayed up by the hard grip plus the cable strands are coming unwound. I make the throttle usable by tightening the return cable but it totally sucks.

Shot at 2012-07-10

The search for parts continues...

spending the night at sammies RV campground in La Veta Colorado.

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