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Domerock panorama view from elefant knoll to needle rocks

Great pictures and RR Perry..!!

I have also been here "Dome rock" and I think it's called "The Needles" you can see the pointed rocks in the distance.
Kobe and I hiked out on the trail to the fire lookout once...I think it was a two mile hike but the view was awesome.
We were on our way to "The trail of a hundred giants". You can only see this from KM on one trail.

RINCON..!! Coming down Cedar canyon and no one ever wants to ride it with me...
When I say lets ride Rincon thay look at me like I have lost my mind..!!

If you look closely from Dome rock you can see Rincon trail coming down Cedar Canyon.

Very few have seen the view from cedar canyon looking toward the Greenhorn mtns. But its awesome..!!
Let's roll...
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