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Ardenvoir to Chelan

The ride from Chumstick was hot. As soon as we got off the FS road we stopped at Entiat River to cool down and figure out what the plan was. We headed into Ardenvoir and grabbed a bite and some gas at Coopers Cafe, home of the Swallow Fest!

This is a great place to stop, the food was good and the air conditioning was welcoming. If you stop there ask to see the Swallow Fest picture albums (its not what you think). There's a lot of cool pictures that go back to the 70's when they started the festival.

While eating in Ardenvoir we discovered there was a fire east of the area we were heading. We heard that they had it under control and decided to make a run for it.

After gassing up it was off to Chelan, but first the Ducati wanted to take a nap again as SaltyDave turned onto Mud Creek Road. That's lay down number 3, but who's counting. After getting the bike upright, we were off...again.

Along 8410

Baldy Springs on 8410

View of 8410 below

Things were going great and we were making good time until the Ducati got a flat. No worries we had a plug kit, it will just take a few minutes to plug it and back on our way.

Here's SaltyDave plugging the tire the first time.

The tire was plugged and we were on our way....for about 50 feet until the plug blew out. Bike went back up on the center stand and the plug kit came out again. The tire got plugged and we were on way again. So we thought....another 50 feet another plug.

This time we thought it might be the Green Slime that Salty put in earlier to help with the leak. Somehow it was too viscous and caused the plug to slide out. We needed something to hold the plug into place to just try to limp out of there.

We came up with 30mph duct tape and a plastic water bottle. We cut a piece of the water bottle out and taped it onto the tire over the plug then proceeded to wrap the tire several times with the tape. We filled the tire up and listened for leaks. We didnít hear any leaks so headed on for about 50 feet and checked it again, no leaks. SaltyDave rode slowly about another 15-20 miles on that duct taped tire with no problems. As soon we got to the hwy we checked it again then made some calls and limped another 25 miles into Chelan.

Backwoods tire repair.

My KLR waiting for tire fix #3. Notice the smoke from the fire on the left side of the mountain closest to us.

FS 8410 overlooking Lake Chelan

Finally we got into Chelan at about 10:30pm. SaltyDave knew his tire was done and decided to stay at a friends and look for a place to patch his tire in the morning. Since it was so late, PK and I found a spot at Lakeshore RV park, made dinner in the dark, had a swig or 2 of whisky then got some well deserved sleep.

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