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For my trip back to Huntsville, I got up reasonably early since I had a long ride ahead and wanted to beat some of the heat. It was pretty cool here in the Cleveland area but I was expecting some heat as I got further south.

Here I am with my wife, ready to go. Notice the highly stylish wind breaker sticking out of the bottom of my mesh jacket

BTW, we are just over half way to our 50 year anniversary. If we have a party for our 50th, I expect to ride there on two wheels.

Since I needed to make time, I did something I don't really care to do.

Ride the interstate.

This would be boring compared to my trip up. On top of that I was on a little 244cc scooter. Actually, the Aprilia did just fine on the interstate. I rode along at around 70MPH on the speedo which reads a little high, I'm guessing about 5MPH. It used to read a lot higher but I have an oversize rear tire which and the speedo/odo read off the rear, not front wheel. This also means that my odo reads a little low, I think around 5 %.

So I was running around 65 MPH which was right at the speed limit. This was a good thing since I saw about a half a dozen cars pulled over by the highway patrol. The Aprilia was very comfortable at that speed. If I didn't pay attention it would creep up to 75 where it was still running smooth as silk.
Some people complain about small bikes being blown around by wind or truck on the highway but it was not an issue for me.

Some Ohio countryside:

My route was I-271 to I-71 down to Columbus, then I took 270 to 70 west. I had a stop planned in Springfield.

Competition Accessories is one of the largest suppliers of motorcycle gear in the country. They sell most of their stuff over the phone or internet but they also have a couple of stores.

I have stopped here a couple of times in the past and it was the only place I had ever been to with a pretty good selection of riding gear. The not only had a pretty nice showroom but also had their warehouse with all their mail order inventory in the back. If they didn't have what you wanted in the showroom, you could go to the counter and they'd go get it from the back.

So I walked inside. At first glance it looked like a giant toy wonderland for riding enthusiasts. I started looking around but couldn't find what I was looking for so I asked a girl behind the counter. She said that everything was out on the showroom. There was no ware house in the back. If you ordered something from them it came directly from their supplier.

What a bummer. I assumed they would have a warehouse here like the last time I was here. Basically I made this detour for nothing since they had nothing I was interested in out in the showroom.

So I continued on. I-70 to 675 to 75 south. Before I got to Cincinnati I stopped for gas and lunch. I used this time to come up with a plan for the rest of the day. Originally I thought I would take the Interstate to Kentucky and then pick up some back roads the rest of the way. I decided to just stick to the Highway at least for the rest of the day. Also, I decided to stop the same place my brother and his wife were planning to stop which was Cave City. So I got out my dumb phone, made a few calls and ended up getting a reservation at the Best Western in Cave City where my brother would be staying.

Then it was back on the highway.

Some random pics I took while droning along.

OK, it's not exactly real exciting but it was far less painful and boring than I expected.

Cinicinnati area:



Getting ready to cross the Ohio River.

And I am in Kentucky, the 8th state of this trip.

I ride, Therefore I Am.

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