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Originally Posted by DR. Rock View Post
I should have gotten a close-up. Each of the plastic mesh tubes contained either a clearly dead sapling, or nothing. If I had to bet, the plastic mesh tubes are not bio-degradable. It looked like a seedling graveyard. Would have been funny if it wasn't so sad.
Most of the contracts say they have to do the restoration and monitor for a short period. If they slap seedlings in the ground when it's hot and dry chances are good they won't make it. It's not often that they ever have to go back and replant. Without the netting the porcipines would destroy every one of those starts in no time.

The netting will break down after a few years of sunlight like most plastic. Even the biodegradeable stuff doesn't break down once it's buried in a landfill as it needs exposure to sunlight, air and moisture to break down. I've pulled newpapers from the 1950s out of landfill excavations here in the arid areas of the west that you could still read and page through.

Anywho, patiently waiting for more....
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