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It's well worth the wait...

I finally finished reading the first in the series of Tales From The Bivouac... over the holiday weekend. I saved the later half where I could lounge under the shade and read it between sips of suds. This is a great read and well worth the wait for anyone standing by for it's release. The only dissapointing part of the book is that it ends. I just wanted it to keep going... staying in the heads of everyone Ted followed... what their impressions were once the race was over... where did everyone go afterwards and what did they go back to after the race ended... and what was everyone's normal daily routines in life juxtaposed with what they had just come from. But of course that would have been another book's worth.


And one of the special features of this book is that Ted plays it very neutral in his perspective of the event. There is no "hype", no "speculation" and no "opinion" to throw the reader down unexplained territory. It deals with a very specific focus, following the race from a few chosen riders who offer their experience first hand along with the support teams.

Of course there were opportunities to delve deeper into the controversies that went on during the Dakar '12. But in the scope of the book, nothing was more important to me then the experience of the explainable. And this was best described by the interviews of the riders throughout the book.

Covering the Dakar and describing it in a journal is no easy feat. And of course huge credit goes to Ned in sharing his invaluable information, strategies and experience throughout the race.

I owe a big thank you to all that allowed and offered Ted their insights during the '12 Dakar as well as the photography provided for TFTB.

Not sure if anyone's gave it any thought... but it would be great to watch a live presentation of the experience at the KTM Rally in Bend this September along with offering early release copies....

Just a crazy notion....
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