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Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
From Catalina Grand Prix facebook

"The Catalina Grand Prix will not happen this year with My Cuzzin Vinnie or The Big 6. We are unaware of any plans of a race for 2012."

i get the Vinnie and big 6 part..but what about "We are unaware of any plans of a race for 2012"

hmmmm somebody hack their account ???

the chamber of commerce web site still says it is a go for 2012 details to come
Yeah, Cuzzin Vinnie was out after the first race, I don't know about if The Big 6 was involved for this next round or not.

I got a phone call last night saying that the race most likely will not happen after all. Looks like island politics and bureaucracy are killing it. "Permits" needed are being delayed and people are dragging their feet. The deposit on my house rental is being returned. Oh well, looks like we got our one and only chance. Too bad it was a lot of fun.
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