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The Phantom Selector Part II (For the record)

Garmin asked me to run some tests, to try out my theory about removing the screen protector to see if that stops the problem. Finally had time, and hot weather today, so I ran a test.

I left my Montana out in the sun for 1/2 an hour and it started making its own selections.

Temperature went to about 31C while I was filming. (31 degrees Celsius = 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

This is the setup I used:

After about 1/2 an hour the screen started doing this kind of thing:

I then took the Montana screen protector off and put it back out in the sun which was even hotter, by this point. By the way, a credit card had been suggested by Garmin as the way to get the screen protector off. The credit card did not help in getting the protector off, even though I cut a flat edge to try, when the rounded edge didn't work.

A fingernail, however, worked perfectly. It was just what I needed to hook under and get the initial start I needed. The protector was not the least bit difficult to take off. It was more like a magnetic attraction than an adhesive which kept it on the screen. (For those of you who're scared to take their screen protector off, having read about the guy who cracked his touch screen while taking off a ZAGG protector)

This shows how easy it is to take the screen protector off if you use a fingernail to pull it up.

I have not seen one phantom selection on the screen in the 1 hour I left it out in the sun without the screen protector.
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