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also to Darbone85737:
Someone had once said that your forks looked low and this would effect clearance and handling.
Did you adjust them? And is the bike still much lower than stock? I would like to hear details of how you feel it handles compared to stock suspension. You say that it handles great. Did you get lucky or are you a master of geometry?
I guess the only problem with it being lower is that when you start to turn more aggressively you might start sanding those black valve covers on the ground...
I've been riding the bike as it is seen. Yes, it's low but I haven't grounded the covers. It handles much more sharply than the stock configuration. I've ridden it up in the mountains fairly aggressively and have no complaints. It turns in nicely and goes where it's pointed. I haven't ridden it at very high speed in straight line conditions yet, mostly as the engine is freshly done. The frame geometry was changed slightly when the bike was built. The rear shock mounting position was changed when the front forks were done. I'm still tuning the suspension. It's fairly stiff in the front and probably needs more damping. On smooth roads it has perfect manners but if the surface gets bumpy it does move around a bit. I'm not a master of anything - just putting one foot in front of the other and learning as I go, but if you don't try you never know.

It's gotten very favorable comments from people who suppose BMWs are meant to be soul less and boring. When it starts there's no doubt it is not your grandpa's BMW. There were a few rivet counters who are shocked I would build this from a numbers matching R90S but this was my desire. All in all I'm thrilled.

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