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1996 R1100GS Clutch install

I bought a 1996 R1100GS after recently returning from a deployment. it was advertised with having a new clutch and completely serviced. of course I took the man at his word and later found myself stuck in a parking lot 200 miles from my house.

I am new to the BMW thing, I have spent my adulthood wrenching on old British junk. so if I seem a little naive, oh well.


Upon Failure I felt a crunching when I pulled in the clutch lever, reminding me of a failed cable. after that there was no clutch. It was engaged and I was along for the ride. I got it into a parking lot and got it stopped and shut down. found the cable to be fine and even when I ran out as much adjustment as I could get out of it, there was no disengaging the clutch.


Trailered it home and tore it apart. I found what I believe to be an improperly installed clutch pack. The Clutch Disc does not look at all like what is in the repair manual. there were washers set between the clutch housing and the tab springs on the inner housing.


My Point to this post, Again I am new to these BMW's. maybe I am wrong, but I do not think this clutch is appropriate for this bike, hence it failed. I have been reading through the threads on clutches so the new clutch kit that I have order will go in without issue. I guess what I am trying to say is one can never bee too careful when they buy a used bike.
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