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Just about everyone who's ever ridden a motorcycle has dreamed of taking off in one direction and not look back. But anyone who's done it knows it takes a lot more than balls. Mortgage, spouse, job, finances, and the hairy hands of fate typically conspire against most recklessly brilliant decisions. We tell ourselves, "one day," and often that day never comes (or the day comes but you're just some old geezer planning out routes based on the proximity of hospitals).

It took a couple of months (and one unexpected event) to finally provide the right set of circumstances for my adventure, but I'm finally two states into it and finally have some time to devote to this chronicle.

I briefly considered the advantages and disadvantages of particular makes and models of bikes, but when it comes down to it, comfort and convenience are overrated; masochistic machines cultivate will and test mental fortitude, so something built for mileage was totally out of the question. In the end it came down to only one choice: the 1199 Panigale S.

My plan:
Start from LA (where I lived), head north, then east.

Don't plan anything that doesn't need to be planned
Stay somewhere until I get bored or restless, then move on
Don't become attached to anything I can't walk away from in 5 minutes
Don't end up in a hospital or morgue

My job allows me to work anywhere so long as I have WiFi and a working cell phone. So I'll be traveling either at night or on the weekends and working the normal 8-5 during the week. Muhuhaahaa.
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