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No, that is not why I moved to the Power Commander from the FMF unit....per se. When I rode the Highfive Cascade Tour, I was very impressed with the fuel metering on Cyborg's stock WRR with a PC-3. You can read about that in the link provided.

It had been dyno tuned and was spot on perfect, super smooth off bottom. That is the moment I was sold on the Power Commander. It has so much more control capability than the very limited FMF unit. Consequently, its more expensive for good reason. When I departed Seattle, I knew I would make the switch. I would have done so, even if I was running the stock motor and not doing this Athena Big Bore mod.

I went with the PC-5 because I wanted to add the Auto-tune unit to my WRR and make it a "closed-loop" system. This is an option...not a requirement. The A/T has a wide band O2 sensor for the exhaust pipe. The whole system works very well. Taking it to the dyno, I developed a personalized set of fuel maps, specific to this particular motor and setup, with incremental fuel adjustments at every 250 rpm, and 5% throttle opening. And, made one of those complex, unique curves separately for every single gear.......all based on HP & Torque optimization thru the rear wheel (turning the dyno drum). Very cool.

I can flip the A/T on or off at my pleasure. I usually keep it off for trail riding, and will often flip it on when running the roads. The motor runs better in stop & go tight trails with a constant fuel curve. The A/T will constantly adjust fuel metering to hit a consistent AFR ratio loaded into the table. Its a better application for a more steady state operation, not constantly changing throttle a load inputs. Though, it functions extremely fast....maybe faster than the ECU can deliver the commands. These are just impressions I've formed in the saddle since completing the project. I could ride it either way at any time with no problem. You learn your bike and how it feels....its all I'm saying.

I am totally 100% impressed with the Power Commander product. It is in a whole different category than the FMF unit. If you want to eliminate the snatchy, jerky low speed throttle of the stock WRR.......simply get a PC-3 or 5 and try some of the available curves. Better yet, have your bike dyno tuned specifically for what you want.

It is important to note, that I was an early adopter of this system on the bike. As such, there were not very many fuel curves available from Power Commander...maybe 3 or 4...and none for the 290. I tried each one at first, and was not satisfied with any of them. Dyno Tuning was much more effective and gave me a curve to my bike AND what I specifically wanted. More curves are available from PC now. Might work for you....might not. I donno. Try it and see. Personally, I've never regretted a dyno tune. It let's me sleep real good at night!

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