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My stay in SF lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. I'd known the guy I was staying with for, shit, 10 years I think? We'd worked together and were both fairly stressed out employees at the same company. We both had warfare-like personalities (which made us allies) and were always focused on ensuring the success of the software products we sold. He'd gotten married years back and had spent the past 9 years dealing with a stay-at-home woman who specialized in being unhappy, cranky and dissatisfied with everything. And the more he appeased her the more evil she became. Sound familiar to anyone? I characterized it as "Subjective Omnipotence," which is a term typically applied to children who are still in the phase of their development where they think the universe should provide for their needs. Instead of being grateful to the person who provides for them they just end up mad at said individual for everything that isn't perfect.

Anyhow, I was getting close to the 1000km mark and spent the final miles out on a great section of Hwy 1 out to Stinson Beach.

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