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I have been considering the benefits of having a single pelican case affixed to the topcase for times that I did not want to run with the side cases. It has always been awkward to carry a few items on a single track when I stripped the KLR down and I wanted an option for this bike to load up for a camping trip and then strip down for a trail ride of more technical stuff.

So this idea, well it made it to the front burner two days ago when I picked up my rack from the Twisteds and added an extra pelican case to the order. I pondered my options for mounting it and consulted the experts. Once the experts stopped yelling, I gathered the advice I had gleaned and set to work.

I found some aluminium (why does spellcheck think that is wrong?) brackets I had stripped off my old military trailer and straightened them on the bench. Fortunately two of the existing holes in the bracket lined up with the slots in the topcase rack so all I had to do was cut them to length and paint them.

I noted how far back I wanted to mount the pelican on the topcase and then removed the topcase rack.

Placing the pelican case bottom up, I duct taped the bottom up topcase rack to the case, lined up the brackets so that the holes and the slots lined up and drilled four holes in the Pelican.

Replaced the topcase and fastened the brackets to the inside bottom of the pelican using an M8 bolt, a flat washer and a nut for each.

Lined up the bolts with the slots in the topcase and fastened with a flatwasher, lock washer and a nut for each.

Mounting compete:

In order to properly overload the topcase I decided to install some bungie buddies

mark the holes

drill the holes


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