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Removing R1200GS Adventure petrol tank

Removing petrol tank.

As noted in comments following these posts, you do not have to remove the tank to change the front shock. It was my preference, is not a difficult task and made the overall job easier.
Removing the tank in this instance also served to document the procedure for the GS Adventure.
If you do undertake this option and remove the top panel, I urge you not to ignore the advice to cover the fuel filler hole

Removing the tank is daunting the first time no doubt about it. A slow and methodical approach is always the best way.

I always replace screws and nuts and bolts from where they come from when I take the item off the bike. This way I generally do not lose any and always know where they go back, and which size screw is required.
This is the process I undertook.

Remove tank top side panels (with BMW logo)
Remove tank side panels
Remove fuel cap and top panel
Remove side bolts
Remove pump cover, unplug wires, breather hoses and fuel lines
Remove air box breather pipe
Remove tank.


Remove tank top side panels

The BMW emblemed top tank panels are held in by two screws, the visible one and one under the tank, and also held in place with a rubber grommet just above the BMW badge.
Remove the screws and pull the panels off. A little force is required where the grommets are concerned.

Remove tank side panels

The small left side panel just pulls off. The grommet hole is a part of the aluminium tank side panel.
Undo the three screws on the aluminium cover. Gently ease the panel clip from under the top panel (at the arrow below) to remove the side panel.

The right plastic cover is held in with a screw which also secures the right aluminium panel. Again, undo all screws and ease the corner clip from under the top panel.

Remove fuel cap and top panel

I am not sure others will have removed the top panel. It is my preference to do so as the chance of damaging the panel while the tank is off is too great. It also makes tank removal and refit much easier. It does not take much extra effort to remove the middle panel either.

My first piece of advice is to cut a cardboard circle to cover the open hole. The last thing you need is a rubber bung or screw to fall into the tank. I pierce a hole in the middle with wire to lower in and take out later. Editing this post, I noticed I had put the rubbers back in the wrong way up, thanks to the photos I have now corrected this. During correction I dropped a screw into the hole. Lucky I did not take a chance without the cardboard. The screw just fell out my slightly unclenched hand.

Undo the 6 screws evenly around, and pull off the cap when all undone. There should be 3 rubber supports under the cap, or they may be stuck to the underside of the cap. Take a moment to notice how they fit so you know how to refit.

Undo the screws either side of the panel holding the front fairing and remove top panel off the tank.

Replace the petrol cap to prevent crap falling in and petrol coming out.

Remove side bolts

Remove the left and right side bolts.
There is metal framework at both these points, keep them with the petrol tank. They are the framework for the side panels to screw onto.

Remove pump cover, unplug wires, breather hoses and fuel lines

Next remove the fuel pump cover (if you have one), the wires, breather hoses and fuel lines from the tank.

The fuel lines just clip in, push the metal clip forward and the tubes will pull out.
Heat the breather hoses if cold, and push from the open end with a large screw driver while gently pulling also.
Trying only to pull them off stretches the rubber tighter and makes it harder to remove.

Remove air box breather pipe

The Adventure petrol tank cannot be removed without the air box breather pipe also being removed.
Firstly undo the clips that hold the breather tube in place against the airbox. Pull the clips towards you, they are held with fishhook lock so push down on the hook end to help release.

Lift the back of the petrol tank and place a block of wood on the airbox and lower the petrol tank onto the block of wood. You now have the room to remove the breather pipe. Pull the pipe towards you to also release the rubber grommet holding the centre of the breather. Don't be shy, give it a tug. Out she pops.

Remove tank.

You can now lift the tank free of the frame of the bike. Pull the tank backwards off the rubber holders. Put safely out the way.

As a side point, for the curious, this is how I have my Accelerator Module fitted.

Right, now we have the room for the shock change.

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