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Just some background information on the product since the name is not well known here. Actually Royal Mfg. makes base synthetic oils for other companies! It is not just in Mexico as stated below but the greater South America as well.

We are trying to get them to formulate a 10W40 full-synthetic PAO oil specifically created for Adventure Motorcyles that conform to the long-distance - high temperature requirements.

"We appreciate very much your great support on this great adventure!! I would like to tell you more about how we started. This is the story:

As you know, even though we have 100 years making lubricants, we are pretty new making motorcycle oils. It all started with a customer in Mexico and good friend of mine, who was distributing the spanish brand CEPSA in Mexico but wasn't happy with the service his master distributor was giving him plus the product was sent from Spain and took a long time for him to get those containers. We sell him engine oils and other products so he was aware of the excellent quality of our products so insisted like for 2 years to get motorcycle oils from us until Terry also talked to me about him having good opportunities for this new line.

We didn't know anything about this category so Terry and I did a little bit of market research about viscosities, prices, sizes, POP etc and decided to start with a 20W50 semi synthetic. Then the next tough decision was the type of chemistry we wanted to use. I look back and remember how difficult it was at the beginning to make those decisions.

We sent our first run to Mexico, not sure of what was going to happen and how good the market was going to accept our product, specially the packaging, since our quart bottles are pretty simple and not as fancy as the european brands.

The way Royal started in Mexico was slow and not easy. Not a single auto-part store wanted to add another brand to their catalog specially one they have not heard of before. Roberto asked his people to go door to door to local/private motorcycle garages, asking them to try this new brand on their own bikes. Kind of the same way you got on board. They tried it and really liked it. Most of them have told us they noticed the difference almost immediately. Since they liked the product they started recommending it to their customers, and the rest was just mouth to mouth. At that point there was a need to include also a full synthetic product, there is when we introduced the 15W50 Supersyn, and from there on, our sales there have doubled every year.

We are getting into a very strong position in the market selling to auto part stores, motorcycle stores, ATV stores, etc.We have sold there, around 60,000 bottles in 2 years!!! And now, auto-part stores all over Mexico call our distributor there asking for Royal.

About 4 months ago we started selling to ROGMAR a very big motorcycle wholesale part distributor in Mexico, where started competing with MOTUL, CEPSA, BELRAY and a local brand. As today, they decided to go exclusively with Royal and the local brand, so we are anticipating even more growth by the end of the year when the full transition is completed.

I have visited my self some of those stores and let me tell you, it feels pretty good when they don't stop complimenting our product and preferring it over other well stablished brands they used to have.

Thanks again for your support, we want grow this category so any feedback is always welcome.

Best Regards and have a wonderful day,

Xavier Carrillo
International Sales and Marketing
Royal MFG Co"
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