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First day story

I pick the hottest day of the year to leave for my trip to Alaska. It was 112 degrees going thru Antelope Valley. But my Rev'it Defender suit did an excellent job getting me thru it. I used to swear by my Aerostitch Roadcrafter suit. I still like the Stitch but it does not vent well at anything over 90 degrees.
So far on a 10,000+ mile ride, things are NOT going as planned and I am loving it!!!!
I wanted to swim and camp at California Hot Springs but when I rolled was closed!!!! The sign said it was open every day but THURSDAY!!!! Well I never! So my search for some where else to camp and more importantly, some beers to pour down my dehydrated throat led me to Pine Flat but the little store closed at 5 pm and I was an hour late. So I high tailed it to Ponderosa about 20 miles up a twisty road in search of beer. I pulled up just as the girl was locking the doors for the evening. Well she must have seen it in my eyes how bad I wanted a beer or three so she opened the doors back up and I got my 3 Micro-brews and she practically gave them to me because the cash registers were shut off. Things were looking up. I made my way about 5 miles down a dirt road to find an amazing spot with a view of the Pinnacles to set up camp for the night. Sadly, one of my beers broke open bouncing down the dirt road and soaked the clothes in my saddle bag. But I still had 2 tasty cold beers left so not all was lost.
So right now, I am in my tent, listening to some music on my i pod player, I have my laptop out and I am down loading the videos I took to today.
So far, not a perfect start but if every thing went perfect, my trip would be boring!
Tomorrow, wine tasting in Santa Lucia Highlands!
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