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Originally Posted by AST236 View Post
I've never ridden a TW200 but I"ve always heard pretty good things about them. Here's a noob question though.

The fatter tires look, for lack of a better term, floaty, like those on an early three wheeled atv. How does this thing handle. I'd guess they help absorb some shock but do they bounce at all?
i didnt notice any floating feeling with the tw tires, they do feel a lot more stable and cushy though. it kind of feels like going from a old pu truck to a cadillac. the tires roll over and cushion the edgy bumps and smooths them out and it feels like i have extra suspension now since the tires absorb more of the rough stuff. i had a blast today riding up to the hills and riding the trails. where my bike used to catch ruts and rocks and shoot the backend of my bike all over the place it now just goes right over the top of all that stuff and goes straight.
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