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K1200GT - new version (2006)

Just want to say, I was one of the very early purchasers of this device about a year ago. It was quickly and easily installed on my 1100GS, and it worked great. I also ordered an extra for my '06 K1200GT, that I put off installing until last night. I must warn any slant 4 owner this is not a pleasant install. At least on the GT, it involves removing all the tupperware except the nose / headlight plastic. You then either remove the fuel tank (which can damage the typical cheezy BMW quicktach gas line fitting) or lift it up enough to squeeze little hands in there and remove the airbox sensor plug, then plug in the ICE.

However, best I can determine, this effort is WELL worth the return. I believe the drivability of the GT is MUCH improved. The throttle used to be very 'snatchy' and it was very difficult to get a smooth shift, particularly when rolling back on the throttle. I can't believe how much smoother this bike now runs. No hesitation when getting back on the throttle. Just smooth power delivery. Believe it or not, maybe I'm smoking something, but my GT is now a much easier bike to shift smoothly.
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