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Thumb Timing side strip-down

Having revealed bits of the broken decompressor cam in the timing side case, karma decreed a partial engine strip might be a sensible idea. It'll allow me to swill out the cases with paraffin and check the crank and gearbox bearings for any free play or 'grittiness'.

It's what's missing here that I've found in the timing side case

Here's where we start from...

The following photos are really just my reference shots so I don't forget the order of parts, etc. :-)

The kickstart camplate and associated gubbins ready for inspection and cleaning

Holding the clutch centre without the correct tool could have proved tricky; but a strip of leather protecting the clutch centre, a pair of mole grips providing a positive stop against the outer drum and and extension bar on the socket did the trick

The crank nut with assorted pinions and the cam chain. I guess I it would be foolish not to replace the cam chain seeing as it's stripped down this far.

Almost a bare timing side case.

So, all in all it's not looking too bad so far. The clutch basket has some indentations from the clutch plates, but nothing that won't be cured with a few file strokes. The gearbox shafts turn very smoothly as does the crankshaft; there's no detectable wear in the bearings but these will be replaced anyway seeing as it's this far apart.
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