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Everyone tells me that I should watch out for the bears or they will eat me.
Or to watch out for the boggie man because he will sneak up on me in the middle of the night and kill me
And the people that actually do get out side and travel tell me that I should watch out for things like moose and dear as they will be my biggest threat to my safety (and I will agree with that).
But there is something that I fear more than anything and I hope to conquer this fear soon enough........and that is getting wet and not being able to get dry.
I know this might sound crazy but I am from So Cal and we don't see a lot of rain. I know I am going to get rained on on my travels. But when will I have an opportunity to dry things out? Will my tent be waterproof? Will my sleeping bag get wet? And if so, how will it ever dry out if I have to pack those things away?
So many questions.
I know once I cross up in to Canada, I am going to see rain and I just need to figure out a system. I don't have the time to wait a day for things to dry. I am not staying in hotel rooms at night to string out my wet clothes in the room.
I am sure it will not be a big deal but I would love to hear your thoughts on this even if it is to tell me to stop being a big pussy and man's only water!
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