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Thanks for the reply/explanation.......posted this on the WRR Mega Thread this morning in regards to the FMF unit:

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Hmmmm, this is what I have from them (for FMF programmers purchased AFTER September 2010).....I'll call again today to verify what changes I need to make, if any, in the interim before my "Pre-September 2010" programmer gets updated with new firmware.....

Stock Setting with exhaust:
Green 3, Yellow 2, Red 0.5, Green/Blue 8, Yellow/Blue 4, Red/Blue 4.

Big bore 290cc settings with exhaust and lid opening:
Green 5, Yellow 3.5, Red 3, Green/Blue 0.5, Yellow/Blue 3, Red/Blue 4.

Big bore 290cc settings with exhaust and airbox modification:
Green 5, Yellow 4, Red 4, Green/Blue 0.5, Yellow/Blue 3, Red/Blue 4.
Just off the phone with contact is a tech named Chris - phone # is 877 764 3337

I was told to use 5, 8, 8, .5, 3, 4 while on my trip too Utah this week.....not the optimum settings because the unit is pushing +15% at the #2 spot (acceleration) instead of +18%.....same with the 3rd position (WOT).....

In a nutshell, crank up the second and third settings to the max until they get the unit back to update the firmware (settings 1 (cruise), 4 (RPM range to activate cruise), 5 (timing for acceleration adjustment) & 6 (timing for WOT adjustment) remain unchanged from the new firmware guidelines noted above)......once they squirt in the new firmware I'll revert to the 5, 4, 4, .5, 3, 4 settings noted above......
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