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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
Rubby wont pay Mark to drive and Mark wont pay Rubby to drive. Rubby uses the 2nd Hummer as a cash cow to help pay for his effort. Rubby is there for Rubby to win the Dakar, not for his 2nd vehicle to win the Dakar.

Mark's contract with VeeDub is over and done with both with Dakar and Baja. VeeDub owns Bently, nuff said.

Ryan Arciero has the Baja Race Touareg (minus the engine) and has been in talks to campaign it with a different mfgr's power plant. So it may be seen in Baja again with some other style body on it (hopefully).

The Baja Race Touareg NOT the right vehicle for ASO's Dakar rallys.

"Rubby" would be wise to pay Mark to drive to help him get to the top of the podium

Wether or not that is something Mr Miller would want to do is unknown to me but having a solid driver like Mark on the team would be beneficial I would think. It also doesn't hurt that he is the only American with the needed experience to be able to keep up with Robby and be of assistance in a timely manner and should Robby DNF have the chance to podium himself.

Fingers crossed for the inmates who applied (esceptialy Jenny after being denied a chance last year )
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