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Salt Lake City is an unusual place. It's clean and well developed, the people are friendly and it seems on first glance to be large enough to support a diverse array of activities, but over the few days I was there I drove around for quite a bit and just didn't find anything that sparked my interest. Even in the desert I stop every 20 minutes because I see something I want to go off an explore. Even went online to Trip Advisor to see what the popular attractions were and there just isn't anything other than building watching. And no, they don't turn into robots or anything. So I started to conjecture a bit--perhaps it's like that by design....if there was a lot to do who'd want to go to church for 5 hours on Sunday?

Anyhow, with that I packed up and headed off for Grand Junction the following morning.

There are certain stereotypes that you'd think would, within a generation, wipe themselves out because once that particular race, religion or occupation got wind of the stereotype (and all the ridicule that comes with it), they'd just cease the behavior or go totally underground with it. I mean no matter how much I loved donuts I simply would not be caught eating one if I was in Law Enforcement. Similarly, if I was Jewish I'd NEVER be caught double checking whether or not I was given the correct change. If I was Portuguese I would not plant two rose bushes in my front yard and pour cement in everywhere else. Now Ad if I was a brother damn straight I'd still eat fried chicken, but if I wanted watermelon, too, I'd go down the street and get it at a different store. But there they were. Six officers in a Krispy Kreme. You can sort of see them through the window if you zoom.

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