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I have had one major problem a couple of days ago. In a hot city center of southwestern France suddenly the FI warning lamp started to flash. I could not anymore accelerate properly and there was lots of backfire (spark failure) and the exhaust was extremely loud. Also the engine easily died off. At first the blinking code was 6x short (throttle position sensor circuit A - input signal too low). So I called my local mechanic and he said I should check the connections/plugs and I should also take off the cable from the battery (that did not help). After reconnecting the battery cable, the blinking code changed to 9x long (throttle position circuit fault). Fortunately I found a big KTM dealer just 5 km away from me and could make it to him on my own. They also considered this failure as a major problem and could not repair the throttle position sensor. Thus they replaced it with a new one. Then the bike run again perfectly as before. Actually, I was a bit disappointed that there was a major problem already after just 4200 km driving. I bought this new 690 mainly because there were some very positive reports about this 2012 model which emphasized its reliability. Also the extended 10,000 km intervals for service gave me confidence in this new LC4 engine. I do not think that the throttle position sensor failed because of "aging". So here are some facts about my bike and also my explanation (just a guess) for the failure.

I have the Akra slip-on without cat on my bike. My local dealer put the Akra mapping on the bike. So this worked very fine (smooth engine running + no oil consumption) the first 2800 km basically only onroad driving. For the next 1000 km offroad driving I changed the mapping on the map select switch from position 3 (akra) to position 1 mainly because with this soft mapping you can drop down to just 2000 rpm without causing the engine to die off (after 3800 km I switched back to position 3 for "street mode"). I really liked this soft mapping in rough terrain but I am afraid that this is not healthy for the LC4 if you have Akras without cat mounted. The soft mapping is adjusted to the stock pipe with cat so I guess that this caused the failure. I also noticed that the oil consumption suddenly increased after I switched to position 1. Interestingly, the mechanic in France told me that there was no Akra mapping on my bike although my local mechanic said he put it on. Maybe the use of the soft mapping for 1000 km driving caused the Akra mapping to disappear?? To sum up, I think it is not advisable to use the soft mapping (optimized for stock pipe with cat) when you have mounted an exhaust without cat.
the map is disappeaed??? change mechanic ;)

anyway putting the selector in 1 (soft map) only affect the way how the butterfly is opened.... nothing else
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