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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
I do have a question. Given that border crossings seem to often be a PITA, at least according to the ride reports I have read, including yours, what's it going to be like with dogs? I would think some countries may not even allow animals.
It will definitely impact our route for the RTW. Some places require pretty serious documentation, a quarantine period or you just can't get dogs in. We've done some preliminary research, but we didn't want to get too far ahead of ourselves - we'll do a full route mapping once we find out how the dogs do on this Colorado trip.

Canada, for example, only requires proof of current rabies vaccination. (And Ontario requires that your dog can't be a pit or pit mix.) Other places require a recent medical check from a veterinarian to certify that your dog is healthy, or even special documentation you have to get completed by government-org-certified veterinarians.

So yeah. I think it'll definitely add an element of complication to border crossings. But when we do the RTW, whether it be soon-ish with the dogs or later after the dogs are no longer with us, we plan to take our time and not have a schedule or a date when we need to get home. So if we're delayed at a border crossing, it really won't be a big deal. *shrug* It's all part of the adventure!
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