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@Albie your (off-)topic is unfortunately missing the point/problem. Gros Buck even didn't read that I am talking about problems with the position 1 mapping. But anyway, despite this obvious ignorance the point is that many guys are right now buying the new 690 model MY2012 because it is considered very reliable for a single cylinder. Imagine this new 2012 model has service intervals of 10,000 km, thus more than the LC8 Adventure with 7500 km service intervals. Moreover, the new model has improved also small technical issues like friction with the radiator/cooler and other parts. And yes, of course this bike has still some known "typical weaknesses". But together with the extremely cultivated performance of this single cylinder many customers have good reason to believe that they purchase a relatively reliable LC4, despite all the "negative information" from older models which they surely read before investing almost 10K Euro for the new model. That's why they still want to know in this special thread if there are still major problems with this model. I have just reported one major problem with the new model but that doesn't mean that I am unhappy with my bike...By the way, this is not my first KTM so I know why I made my buying decision...
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