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Originally Posted by TaZ9 View Post
Why would you even consider spending your time and money in a backward thinking place like Ontario. As I'm sure you know, pits and pit mixed dogs are some of the most loyal and loving animals on this planet. For anyone to believe otherwise shows a true lack of education and first hand experience with this amazing breed.
We agree that it's pretty insane to have a place that can confiscate and euthanize a someone's pet simply because of the breed. However, Ontario is what we have to go through if we're going to do any of Canada on the trip, and we want to because most of the U.S. is *freaking HOT* right now (please let Canada be cooler), and we'd really rather not come back the same route we go out.

Honestly, doing *any* of Canada is probably pushing it on this trips' constricted timeframe but...
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