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Local stuff 7-17-12

It's been a few busy weeks fer me and no ridin' time so I was determined to get out today at least long enough to tryout my new camry ( that's not a Toyota, that's what they call it here where I's a Camera!) its a Canon PowerShot SX40HS so don't ask me anything about it. Imma total camry dummy so maybe mtngal will teach me how to use it someday but I tried today with it set on AUTO ( that's fer dummys like me) so maybe I will get this figgered out before I get too far out of town. Stormy day so I tried to stay pretty local...I prefer to be rained on by local rain...just does not seem as wet I guess even though I got in 3 separate thunder showers that were so hard that most cars pulled over except idiots like me.

First of all I needed gas so I went down to the closest hillbilly station. After I got there, I had a hard time figgerin' out how to swipe. There was a guy right next to me swipin' and he swiped and he swiped and finally he got real frustrated and was about to leave when I noticed his tag was from Flordie. I have pity for them coming up here trying to survive. They always leave and go home in a few months. By then I had figgered out how to swipe you look at this and tell me how you would swipe:

How would you do it? Would you hold your stripe up to the left and swipe or hold it in your hand like it shows at the swipe hole? I figgered the description to the left must be upside down fer people from south of the equator and so I hold mine like it shows at the hole. I explained this to the out of towner and he ended up getiin' gas.....just like me...

OK...on with the ride. I looked in all directions and there seemed to be fewer thunder heads to the south so I hit 215 south toward Balsam Grove.

Looking pretty stormy already:

Some Mountain laurel still in bloom up here:

Wow...pretty clouds but looking dangerous..

Turned off on Explorer/Charley'sCreek:

Over on Silversteen:

I spent the next two hours in one rain after another. The rain was refreshing as it blew right through my open suit vents and by the time I was almost home again, the sun was back out some and I was dryin' a bit. Got to the oldest iron bridge still in use in NC. It used to be further down the river then about 1920 or so, they replaced it and the local farmers asked the state if'n they could have it and put it up the river so they could cross over to their fields and save a long trip around to get to market and so it was a deal. The bridge was moved on wagons with horses, the farmers made the cement and installed the bridge and it still stands but modern farm equipment is heavy and has taken its toll so its being closed to motor vehicles and will be a walking and bicycle path only...neat huh?

New bridge goes about a 1/4 mile upstream...

Bought me a jar of molasses..

I think my photos are lookin' just a bit "washed" out so I'll work on that.

Well, it's been another terrible day here in Worstern NC.

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