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It's been a month since I've last updated this. Few things have happened since then. First, I scored a 6 speed gearbox for my Husky. This has transformed the bike from being great, to totally great. The bike is far more useful, and was still pulling over the 85mph mark.

I got to do some more riding in the UP. Did some two-track riding & some singletrack, same as the last time I went up. This time on the singletrack, I rode by myself (with some others taking a slower pace behind me....ready to collect me if I broke me\the bike), and really pushed myself to ride the 26 mile loop as if it were a Harescramble. After riding the loop, I realized I did it in under 1:30, so was quite thrilled with myself.

Later on in the evening, a buddy of mine & I went back to the loop and rode a 1-2 mile section of it back and forth a couple times. Since it was a short section, I really pushed myself and helped find some new limits for how I could push things on the Husky. I could really feel at this point the hurt I'd put on my Michelin S12XC tires, as the rear was really getting beat up (heck it had close to 800 miles on it at this point).

The following day, after getting a rear flat on my Husky, and then another 20 miles from camp, and then riding back to camp on said flat tire, I let the Husky rest & the same buddy & I went back to the singletrack section and got some riding done. I was on The Mighty XR, and he on his xr400r. The 400 had a little more bottom end giddyup, but the 350r was a trooper, holding it's own....even in a drag race. Again at the end of this session, I felt strong on the bike & very positive in my riding, even after the miles we had put on during the 3 prior days.

So now I've got a race coming up Sunday. My bikes got fresh tires on, and ready to roll. I've looked at the average speeds for where I'm racing, and looks like I need to average 18mph to stick with the top percentile. I know I can do it....I'm just sticking to my personal "Keys to the race" (a la Jeff Emig).

1. Don't Crash
2. Have fun.
3. Finish.

It's supposed to be 92 on Sunday, so crashing will be bad if it happens. I'm avoiding it at all costs. I'll pace myself accordingly. My bigger concern at this point is Hydration & pre-race feeding. I'm plenty well hydrated so far, drinking close to a gallon a day in water & am specifically avoiding beer in the evenings. I don't have much, but I'm going to see how it plays into things come Sunday.

I'm more concerned on my pre-race food. This year my wife & I have switched to a Paleo\Primal (low\no grains, low carbs, no sugars, etc etc) diet. I'm not 100% perfect with it, but stick with it pretty well, which has helped me drop a lot of weight. I'm still uncertain on how to properly fuel myself before a race, as I've read a lot of endurance athletes who are on the paleo\primal diets still carb load ahead of time, and take sugary stuff for the immediate boosts. Any suggestions? I'll keep reading what I can, but what are others doing come pre-race & race day.

Bike's ready to roll!

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