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@Bill: The guys are already messing, because one gives a misleading statement to something which I have definitely not said and the other thinks I should have no reason to believe in improved reliability of the 2012 model with newly increased service intervals...I will give no further statement to them cause all this has nothing to do with the intention to simply describe the technical failure I experienced.

@wino: I have not confused ideas about the three maps, I have just suspected that driving with Akra exhaust without cat in mapping position 1 may possibly (!) be the reason for the technical failure I described. Maybe this citation is interesting in this context:
Originally Posted by mickwheeler View Post
These bikes are mapped VERY lean from the factory to meet EPA standards for emissions... putting a new silencer will open up the exhaust flow, causing it to run even more lean. The EFI will try to accommodate by adjusting to the new MAF (mass air flow) rate, but the base fuel mixture is still going to be very lean.

Regardless of the "feel" or how much apparent power there is, the valves and head will suffer with a mix that is too lean.
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