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Some more updates for you!

Lady love bits causing delays!

Sam and I have had a bit of a set back but nothing we cannot get past! From a recent smear test... (why do they call it this?! They should make it sound more fluffy! Foof test. That'd be better!)... I had some results back flagging up some cellular changes. Due to the level of change it is looking like I will have to have a minor op which despite being a day in-and-out experience will mean we cannot travel for 4-6 weeks after (it invalidates our travel health insurance)! This then easily drifts past our leaving date of the 20th August 2012!

Despite this being a bit of a pain in the nether regions (excuse the pun), we're glad it's something that has been spotted now and can be easily resolved! It just means a little bit of fudging with routes and leaving dates!

For all ladies out there may I big up foof checks once in a while in case things like this do crop up! Please please make sure you or your partners make these appointments... as manky as they are it's always an excuse for a glass/bottle of wine and some pampering afterwards and saves on any problems at a later date!

New Route:
Right. So due to the above our route is needing a little bit of a rework. If we were to leave in September / October time to Canada and then Alaska we’re looking at minus 20’s if not colder (it’s already snowing apparently in Alaska! Haha!). Naturally this means it will be at the most barely passable on bikes!

With a good excuse for a bottle of wine and some good om nom food Sam and I sat down with our world map and various annual climate charts and had a ponder. We’re now thinking if it is… worse case scenario… November / December time East and West is out… but Australia and Asia isn’t! Our current musings (only rough estimations on worse case scenarios!):

November / December: Australia
December / January / February / March: Australia and Asia island hopping (perhaps Japan)
April / May: New Zealand
June / July / Mid August: Alaska / Canada – Toronto / Back via top end of America
August / September / October: West Coast America / Central America
November / December / January: West Coast South America to tip then to Buenos Aires
February / March: South Africa
April / May / June: East Coast of Africa
July / August: Middle East and Europe
September: Europe - Home

If anyone has any ideas or thinks of a different route (which includes South America and Africa as it’s where our charities have projects) for a start date of November / December then let us know your thoughts! :)

Bike News:

Things are going stupendously with the bikes! With a big thanks to Fowlers Sams KTM has been replaced with a new one which means no more throttle body popping off! We are upgrading the bikes in the next few weeks which is super exciting we're just awaiting some quotes and time scales!

Riding wise, we are certainly getting much practice in! As above we had a day with Wheeldon Off Road school who not only helped tweak Sams riding but managed to get me going sideways and catching air! The basics are slowly sinking in and even though lately a few Green Laning expeditions have meant I have felt the need to hug the Earth a fair few times after sliding through mud, grass and ruts, we are loving every moment of it!

Events and Fun:

As it's now looking like we'll be kicking around for a few extra months it means we can attend more events and do promotional work all round! Let us know if there's anything we can join in and help out with!
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