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Originally Posted by bujas View Post
Nice ride report it really shows that it's not the bike but the biker who really matters and you have the adventure rider spirit.
People do put to much emphasis on having just the right bike. Personally, I place much more importance on where I ride. I'd much rather ride a beat up old Honda 350 on a scenic, twisty road than I would a Ducati Panignale in the middle of Kansas.

Luckily, on this trip, my Aprilia was a great bike for the ride.

Now, before I procrastinate any more, I'll try to wrap up this report.

First, my bike. The Sport City was a great bike for this trip. It is fun to ride on twisty roads. Small and light enough that I'm not afraid to take it off the pavement. It was comfortable even on the highway. A little more power would have been nice but the little 244cc motor was certainly adequate.

The Route: I didn't check off everything I wanted too. I wanted to check out 421 south of Shady Valley. It's still high on my list. I'll try to hit it on a weekend this year or next year at the latest. I never made it to Willville Cycle Camp. I had also wanted to ride North East West Virginia but ended up staying on 16 all the way. 16 was a great ride but the best part was between Marion, VA and Beckley, WV.

Camping. This was only the second time I carried my camping gear on the bike. I really enjoyed staying at Blue Ridge Cycle Camp. Motorcycle Campgrounds are great places to stay because they are set up for riders and there are always other riders to meet and talk to. Hungry Mother state park was also nice. North Bend in W VA was just a place to sleep. I never did sleep that well on my 1" thick mattress and I will need to come up with something better if I want to do more of this in the future. A regular Air mattress is comfortable but takes up a lot of room. Any suggestions?

It was great going back home and spending some time with relatives and old friends.

I was not really looking forward to the ride back to Huntsville in a day and a half but I even enjoyed that.

This trip was a good learning experience for me. Some day I hope to go on a really long ride around the country. There's a few things I will need to figure out before then.

First, what bike to take. I'm undecided between a slightly bigger scooter or a small Adventure bike. I guess I'll take what I happen to have at the time.

Second, I need to figure out how to camp better as already mentioned.

Third. I need to get a smart phone or small laptop so I can update my ride report as I go.

OK, that's about it. For everyone who followed along, I hope you enjoyed my report. To everyone who participated by responding, thanks and I hope to see you all on the road some time in the future.
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