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Jan 2012, Loreto on

After finding a room at Hotel El Dorado we drove up the main street to grab some lunch. As we were sitting there a scruffy looking backpacker walked by. We looked at each other and I knew I recognized him but couldn't place him. Someone from Seattle I thought. He looked at me, then at my bike, then at me and said "Jack". Turns out it was Alex who I'd met in Anchorage on my way back from Deadhorse in 2010. I didn't recognize him without his KLR. He'd broken the frame in half out in the desert.

He went and got a room at the El Dorado as well and Josh and I took a ride up into the mountains to the west. It was a great ride. New pavement up a twisty valley and then good high-speed gravel to mission San Javier.
Looking back down at our ascent.

Mission San Javier

Working the land

On the way back down I was leading. We'd left the gravel behind and were on the tarmac. I entered a perfect right hander coming down and then back up in elevation at about 40 mph. The next thing I know my right peg and then the bike hit the ground and I was sliding along. I ended up sliding under the bike but when it hit the gutter it pitched up a little. I had a moment of complete clarity when I thought I should roll out from under it now. So I did. Josh pulled up and was in such a hurry to see if I was alright he forgot to put his kickstand down.

I got up and we righted both bikes then checked myself out.

Although my shirt was trashed I had not one single, tiny, scrape or abrasion on my body. Good body armor and gear.
The panniers and front took most of the damage since the bike rolled once.

Obviously I was a bit shaken up and was sore for a few days but it could have been much worse. We checked the road and couldn't find any reason for my crash. No oil or gravel. The only thing I can think is that I reached the limit of the TKC 80s and the suspension and the rear kicked out.
I spent the next few days in Loreto getting the bike sorted. A bit of electrical tape to hold the instrument panel on.

Some welding for the pannier rack.

And some rivet and fiberglass work and I was back on the road. Total cost, US $100.
My maintenance crew.

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