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Bowling Green rush hour is busy but not bad (unless there is an accident)-3 lanes on each side of I-65 and Bowling Green isnt really that big. Now Nashville, rush hour sucks. I live in Indiana and my wife lives in Florida (work related) and I travel down a few times each year. I have been stopped in stop-go traffic from 20-30 miles north of Nashville to past Murpheesboro (sp?).
Back in 07, I took by little gz250 I had at the time on a 2500 mile trip to Florida and came back up 231 thru Alabama, Tennesee and KY, not too bad of a road except going thru towns and cities with a stop light every block.
Anytime anyone is in southern Indiana (Louisville Ky) area and need a place to pitch a tent let me know. I have 10 acres out in the country surrounded by hundreds of acres of a state forest; no neighbors except for deer, turkey, possums, etc...
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